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Day 257

Luggage Compartment Upholstery

Today we finished upholstering the luggage compartment! It turned out very well. We finished fitting and trimming the various pieces, then went around and taped the edges to try and keep glue off of them. We then sprayed everything with the 3M High-Strength 90 adhesive glue. We then installed all the carpet pieces around the outside parameter of the luggage compartment.

After that was all done we finished installing the floor carpet by adding some extra Velcro to help hold it in place. We then bolted the GPS Antenna’s back in and ran the wires and cables.

We then put carpet around the luggage archway and drilled and Cleco’ed the transition piece between the canopy and the luggage compartment.

Lastly tonight we are spaying some black paint on the inside of the luggage door. We had assumed that the whole backside would have carpet on it, but the piece we were sent in the upholstery kit does not fit the entire door. That’s okay. We’ll spray some black on the parameter tonight and after it dries tonight, tomorrow we will glue the carpet in and it will still look good.

Also forgot to mention, our 3M sticky backed weatherstripping showed up today! So we were able to install that on the pilot’s side. It went in without any trouble. It also seals very well. The door closes and latches. And we can not see any light all the way around the door jam. Awesome.

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