Phoenix FS

Thu Dec 23 2021

Finished priming all wing parts

Today Jack, one of our supervisors, came by again to check all our progress on the empennage. He was satisfied with our work, but he still gave us some tips. He mentioned that we had to be more precise with deburring, especially at the holes in the big wing ribs since corrosion is most likely to occur there.

After Jack left we continued with deburring and priming the last left wing parts and now everything is finished and ready to be assembled.

We used a grinding wheel to deburr the long channels and stringer as can be seen in the photo. This went very fast and all burrs were removed cleanly.

P.S. while waiting for the back-order we took the time to do all prep work on the wing parts so most of it has been done in the last few weeks.

Builders of today:

- Suzanne Hendriks

- Guy Maré

- Tetsuo Martynowicz

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