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Right Wing work continues

Got reaction from Sling about the gap between RIB 16 and the main spar strengthening channel, apparently the misalignment also exists in Slings CAD models. They recommended us to make an aluminium spacer that tapers according to the gap and a doubler plate on the Rib-side. We made the spacer by sanding down a piece of aluminum on the belt sander which was a lot of work to get it to taper from 5mm to 3mm. I would recommended making this on a mill if possible. Then we clamped the spacer and the doubler plate into position and match drilled all the holes. Finally we put 6x m4 bolts through (since the holes are too long for rivets) torqued them to 2.5Nm and put toruqe seal on them.

Afterwards we test fitted the bottom skin and riveted all ribs into position. Finally we put in the electrical wiring: 4 cables for the strobe lights and 3 for the landing/ taxi lights. We noticed the 4 core cable supplied for the strobe lights on quite short.

Next: rivetting the bottom skins.

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Pepijn van Kampen

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