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Aircraft assembly

More time getting the aircraft ready for it's 100 hour/annual check. This is a requirement before the CAA inspection.

Items completed today:

  1. Set the prop Governor, tightened bolts and added split pin.
  2. Installed the tailwheel springs.
  3. Removed the fuel sight gauges, sealed them using some soft clear rubber tubing underneath the main tubing.
  4. Replaced some bolts on the firewall with ones the correct length.
  5. Cable tied the spark plug leads into place.
  6. Removed the Vernatherm housing and reinstalled the rock catcher oil screen.
  7. Added split pins to the landing gear lower strut bolts.
  8. Added a small vent to the upper right engine cowl. This is to draw air through the low pressure section past the battery, inflight. On the ground after shutdown, it should also allow the hot air to escape, and draw up from the lower outlet.
  9. Added the baggage compartment max baggage weight placard.

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