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Test flying

I discovered one of the exhaust support bracket bolts missing so wasn't able to fly today as I didn't have any replacement metal lock nuts on hand. I suspect perhaps I hadn't used a locking nut, but I'll replace it tomorrow.

I also purchased some more suitable springs for the tailwheel and the rudder pedals, cut and bent them and I'll install those tomorrow too.

I'm still pondering the uneven fuel burn from each tank. Today I leveled and supported the wings, then positioned the fuel valve to BOTH and left it open for an hour for the fuel to stabilize. Then I measured the sight gauges and I found that they weren't calibrated perfectly so when I did it the first time I think one wing must have been low. I've noticed that this happens very easily because the suspension allows it to move around quite alot. So I think I'm currently experiencing two problems. One is that the sight gauges aren't quite correct, leading it to indicate a low tank and a high tank when it doesn't necessarily exist. The other issue is when a fuel imbalance definitely does exist as indicated by the uneven uplift, and is possibly being caused by flying out of balance although I'm not 100% sure of this yet.

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